"CLASSIC SOUL CONCERTS" with CREATIVE ARTISTS FREE LLC Present our "Classic Soul Concerts Series", coming to a city near you!  Our concerts are about connecting with true music fans and lovers of R&B and Classic soul music!  Come experience the "best" in soul music with us.  If we're near or in your city we welcome you to stay at our "host" hotel and mingle with us and other concert goers who love that intimate "music lover" connection and feel!  We want you to have as much fun as we do putting on these fantastic shows/concerts!


Bringing back real soul music and artists / bands of yesterday, today, and forever. All of the classic greats from the 70's, 80's, 90's and present!


We also want to make concerts affordable like "it used to be". This affordable concert series designed for the die hard concert fans and is back by popular demand and we look forward to coming to a city near you!!  If you would like to see any of our events come to your city please feel free to drop us a line we'll be happy to see and review all feedback and offers~